Los Angeles has always been a featured player in films, long before Billy Wilder’s c1950 Sunset Boulevard; we were imprinted with indelible images from productions as diverse as Steve Martin’s LA Story, Robert Altman’s The Player and Curtis Hanson’s LA Confidential. But only occasionally does a house rise to the level of cinema-worthy, and this brilliantly renovated Mid-Century Modern on a quiet cul-de-sac in Beverly Hills Post Office does just that.

Originally designed in 1962 by the eminent Los Angeles architect Charles Kanner– and in the same family since its original construction– this re-scripted property is the work of Charles Infante, a veteran video and commercial production designer, and Bowery Design Group.

Beautifully crafted and detailed, its sweep and scale evokes the legendary Modernist house in Santa Monica designed by Donald Honnold in 1930 for Academy Award-winning Hollywood production designer Cedric Gibbon and his wife Dolores Del Rio. 


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